The 12:12 Story

After Anna was diagnosed with Ewing’s, many of us found ourselves searching for something to do or some way to help. Initially, we found that the best thing we could do for Anna was to pray for her.

With that in mind, the idea for 1 Million 4 Anna was born. People pledged to pray daily at 12:12, a time selected because of Romans 12:12 which says "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer."

Integrated fully into social media, Anna’s friends pledged, shared, posted pictures, tweeted and ultimately said over a million prayers on Anna’s behalf. 1 Million 4 Anna was a source of inspiration, hope, and love that strengthened her resolve and brought friends closer together.

Every year in December, we begin our $12.12 on 12/12 campaign. We ask friends and supporters to donate just $12.12 for the fight against Ewing sarcoma. If many unite for a cause, as we have witnessed before, we can make a huge impact. All funds raised will be used for promising Ewing sarcoma research. Together, we WILL make a difference in the treatment of Ewing sarcoma, with the ultimate goal of a CURE one day.



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