September 13, 2015

MADDIE IS NOW NEARLY ONE YEAR OUT OF TREATMENT AND DOING VERY WELL!!  We've been updating on our Facebook page, and now to catch up here -  

We had an awesome time with Maddie at the September, 2014 Celebration Dinner & Golf Tournament, including celebrating Maddie’s 9th birthday!  And a few days later - Maddie's LAST DAY OF CHEMO!!!  A party took place a few weeks later to honor Maddie - and her incredible strength and bravery!  She did it!!  She beat Ewing's sarcoma!!!  








Maddie and her family enjoyed a Make-a-Wish Disney Cruise this past summer and Maddie began 4th grade in August.   They come to visit in Dallas every few months when Maddie has scans.  She is healthy and beautiful and we enjoy every time Maddie and her family come to Dallas.  (with our friend, Ann, at the 2015 Float On Dinner)




   We look forward to seeing Maddie again in a couple weeks – for another 1M4A Celebration Dinner & Golf Tournament!  It will be great to have healthy, happy, carefree Maddie and her Mom with us.  And this year – we’ll be celebrating another birthday – Maddie’s 10th!!  


Maddie will remain in our prayers, as well as in our lives - and for that, we are eternally grateful. 




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